Born in the Valley

The Good Valley is a brand born in heart of the Rossendale Valley, with a goal to do clothing different, provide a sustainable alternative to fast fashion while also contributing back to our local communities.

Thinking Sustainably

We live in a world fraught with waste, overflowing landfill and plagued by fast fashion. The Good Valley recognises we all need to play our part for a more sustainable future. We've sourced products using organic cottons and recycled polyesters with an emphasis on good quality materials. Heavier weight, harder wearing garments - No to flimsy thin materials and no to plastic packaging! But a massive YES to long lasting fashion.

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Giving Back to the community

We believe in helping our local communities which is why we have decided to partner up with various businesses and offer a cut of each item sold with their associated logo - Keep your eyes peeled for some of your favourite local businesses in Rossendale.